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From the Foreword of the book…

Geoffrey Hayward has not only worked at the Spiritualist Association of Great Britain (SAGB) for over twenty years, but is senior Medium in terms of continuous service.  Working away from the limelight, he is a sincere and dedicated ambassador for the spirit world.  As well as serving the Association and Spiritualist churches within the UK, Geoffrey also demonstrates throughout Germany, Denmark, Austria and Switzerland, he also works in Belgium, Norway and Portugal.  His book is a valuable addition to literature devoted to mediumship and evidence that mankind survives physical death.  It is not written by a fey mystic, but an ex-Tax executive  who now deals with spirit returns!

Stella Blair,

President, Spiritualist Association of Great Britain


A Promise Fulfilled…

Besides recalling his life history and the development of his psychic powers Geoff also provides numerous accounts of his contacts with the spirit world as in the example below.

Audrey and Kim Reynolds received a promise from their Mother that she would attempt to communicate after she passed over.

Audrey writes, “Following the death of our Mother, my Brother and I decided to seek the assistance of a Spiritualist Medium to contact her.  We contacted the local Spiritualist church that highly recommended Geoffrey Hayward.  At this point we were highly sceptical but with trepidation we made an appointment.  When we called, Geoff made it quite clear that he did not want any details about his sitters, not their names or whom they wanted to contact.

Our first sitting with Geoff was hard to describe.  He immediately told us that our Mother had passed and was with us in the room.  He said although she had only recently passed she wanted to fulfill her promise to let us know that she was ok.

The details given about her illness and subsequent death and even the most intimate character details were astounding.  Not only Mum’s character but the personalities of other family members and how her death was effecting them.  Geoff described other family members that were with her who we did not recognise at the time.  The specific names and descriptions were identified as our Grandmother and Mum’s Sister both of whom died at a young age and we had never met.”


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