Plans for May to August 2017

During this period I will be serving in the following locations:-

In the UK
Glasgow Association of Spiritualists
Bournemouth (Bath Road Church and Charminster Road Church)
Spiritualist Association of Great Britain (SAGB)
Brighton (Edward Street Church)

Outside the UK
Hannover (Germany)
Munich (Germany)
Hamburg (Germany)
Oslo (Norway).


My first visit to a new organiser in Germany in the Hannover area will be from Friday 12th May to Tuesday 16th May and will include a workshop, a public demonstration and private sittings.

Contact; Janine Reinecke (lautlosesprache )


I will be at the Glasgow Association of Spiritualists from Friday 19th May to Wednesday 24th May. I will be taking the “Awareness Class” at 7:25pm on Friday and an all-day workshop (10am to 4pm) on Saturday – entitled “Spiritual and mediumistic development” (advanced booking recommended).

The usual Sunday services will be at 11:30am and 6:30pm and other services will be on Monday at 7:30pm and Tuesday at 2 pm.

There will be private sittings available (again, advanced booking is recommended) on Monday (morning and afternoon) and Tuesday (morning only).


I will be visiting Munich for the second time on Friday 26th May to Thursday 1st June.there will be a workshop on Saturday and private sittings.

Organiser: Margareta Thomas ( )


My annual visit to Hamburg will be on Thursday 8th June to Thursday 15th June. Over the weekend there will be a 2-day workshop. Of course, as always, private sittings will be available.

Organiser: Klaus Bonert
Tel: (from UK) 0049 40 270 1908


Worthing church will be visited on Saturday 17th June to Monday 19th June. I will be taking a “Special demonstration” at 7pm on Saturday, the Sunday services at 11 am and 6:30pm and private sittings on Monday.


A Thursday afternoon “Demonstration of Clairvoyance” will take place at Bath Road church (Bournemouth) on 22nd June.


I will be making two visits to the SAGB (Spiritualist Association of Great Britain) in London. On both visits I will be doing demonstrations, private sittings, and “Open circles”. My visits will be on Friday 23rd June to Tuesday 27th June and Friday 28th July to Tuesday 1st August.

The workshops (which must be booked in advance) will be on Saturday 24th June (11:30am to 5:30pm) “In tune with spirit” and Saturday 29th July (11:30am to 6:30pm] “Telepathy and mediumship”.

 SAGB in London


My annual visit to Brighton (Edward Street church) is from Saturday 1st July to Monday 3rd July. I will be doing a “Demonstration of clairvoyance” on Saturday 1st July at 7pm, the Sunday services will be 11am and 6:30pm and there will be private sittings on Monday.

All enquiries to Joan Bygrave 01273 683088


Paignton church is my destination from Saturday 22nd July to Tuesday 25th July. “Demonstration of clairvoyance” will be at 7:30pm on Saturday and the Sunday services will be 11am and 6:30pm. On Monday, in addition to private sittings, the evening demonstration will be at 7:30pm.


My first visit to Exeter church for some years will be from Saturday 5th August to Tuesday 8th August. There will be a “Demonstration of clairvoyance” on Saturday at 7pm and a Sunday service at 6:30pm. Private sittings will be available on Monday and Tuesday.

Exeter Spiritualist Centre & Healing Group,
York Road, Exeter, Devon  EX4 6PF
President: Julie Newcomb Tel: 01392 467219


I will be taking the Tuesday afternoon service at Charminster Road church (Bournemouth) on Tuesday 22nd August.


My annual visit to Oslo will be from Wednesday 23rd August to Wednesday 30th August. There will be private sittings and a workshop at the weekend “Spiritual awareness and meditation”.

Contact details:-
Organiser: Unn Berild
Tel: (from UK) 0047 951 62189 0r 0047 226 55909